Second hand Apple MAC?

Things to take into account when you are buying a second hand Apple MAC.

Usually we think on a bunch of things to check before buying/paying for a second hand computer like a Mac. No matter what model/year are you trying to buy.

So, based on my experience (and unlucky friends) I’ll leave some tips about what to check before buying that MAC.

Here we go:

  • Check for dead/stuck pixel. Try this youtube channel to check and unstuck (if it’s possible) your pixel(s).
  • Check the external ports like USB, HDMI, audio jack, etc. A friend of mine bought one with one failure usb.
  • Phisically checks. First of all, check the corners. Usually those are the first to be hitted in a landing situation. Secondly, the edges and Finally, the top and underneath of the computer. If it has an awful scratch or bend on the underneath plate, try to get a better price (that plate is easy to replace just buying a new one, opposite to the case).
  • If you want a rough idea about how used is that MAC you can check the Battery cycle count. Where? yup. Apple menu -> About this Mac -> System Report (left button below the text).
  • If you are buying a Mac I guess you know which model suit to you, but just to be sure check the model/year on Apple menu -> About this Mac.
  • If you are a linux user (like me) and your model is 2016 or later check this page for compatibility and how to make some things work.
  • And last, if the Mac is associated to a icloud account you have nothing to worry about. Just reinstall OSX and that’s all.